Hating my mind like a sieve

No no no no! Sometime since Sunday, I have appeared to have lost Walter’s trumpet tuition. I had it in a special place in my planner, right next to my bill pay log, today is his lesson, and the money is gone. Which means either I have lost it, I dropped it at church when I was taking notes on the organizers I need to make for the lending library, or someone who knows where I keep it stole it from my planner. I don’t think my kids would steal my money, they know that every penny I make goes towards their trumpet and dance lessons. But I am utterly heartbroken that it is gone…

I can pay for half of this month’s lesson, only because yesterday my new winter boots split along the sole and I had to return them, but that means I can’t replace the boots. I also can’t pay the entire month’s worth of lessons, or any of the back amount I owe for November and December (because funds have been really tight).

I hate this kind of choice – get myself the replacement boots to protect my feet(right now everyone in the family has winter boots except me, I only have some knock off ugg slippers), but continue to owe more money – or pay what money I have and go without boots for a while longer. I know what I am choosing, I am going to pay for lessons because I can’t get more behind, but why do I even have to make this choice? Why can’t my money just stay where I put it?

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