Back to school blues

Sigh, I just had to micromanage my kid for the first time in forever…
I discovered that he decided to forget he had any homework when I told the kids to do their stuff. His sister did hers, he did who knows what in his room (probably a book, because he decided it was hurtful when I asked him if all the Legos on his floor were too much of a distraction). Then I asked him to load the dishwasher at 8:30, so I could have time to read Harry Potter before bed. He disappeared again and then announced that his phone was missing… He didn’t get to the dishes until 9:12. He complained about them so much, he didn’t finish them until 9:28. I had to stand there and keep him in one place, reminding him what dishes go on top and bottom racks, the whole time he is scolding me and telling me I am abusing him because he wants to go to bed instead of doing his dishes (which ps, everyone does at least once a day, but he hadn’t done since Saturday).
Anyhow, I probably shouldn’t be too hard on him – I love sleep, too. But man, why couldn’t he just take the time to load the dishwasher the first time I asked? (I am pretty sure I heard that same question from my dad when I was growing up…)

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