Fitting in my FitBit

So back in spring, I got a FitBit Surge as my graduation gift. I love it tons, except for one thing. When I measured my wrist, I was exactly between the two sizes for the wristband. So silly me, I figured since my wrists are smaller, and I am trying to lose weight, so I got the smaller watch.

Hahaha. Nope. Apparently after my hand surgery, I discovered that my hands and wrists swell a ton over the course of the day. Plus, the watch documentation suggests wearing the device a bit below the smallest part of your wrist. Oh, and the bands are not changeable like some of the other FitBits.

So I decided to get tricksy, and I measured the band and discovered it  was a very close match to the Garmin Forerunner 920XT. I bought myself a replacement strap on eBay for about $7 (most are $9.99, I lucked into a sale). 

Sure enough, when it got here, the bands link together just fine. I trimmed off the excess strap (from the Garmin strap, not off the FitBit!) and now I am happily and securely wearing it lower and looser on my arm. Plus, if I ever do get my thyroid meds right, and can finally get my body to lose some weight, the FitBit will still fit. 
One really nice thing about this Garmin strap, is that the little loop that holds the band down has the same tiny nub inside it that the FitBit band holder has, so they don’t slide around and let go of the straps. 


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