My body dun broke?

Bargle gargle! I am back from my doctor’s appointment with no more answers than before – I have been tired, brain foggy, never feeling the right temperature, dry skin, flaky nails, insomnia… Signs point to thyroid, as always.

 I really want to try adding T3 to the T4 I am taking, but the doctor wanted to check my free T3/4 levels, since the last thyroid labs done were only my TSH. And they are re-testing my vitamin D, since I have been consistently deficient for years. And also, a sleep study, since I do sometimes snore, and I had issues with apnea before getting my tonsils out (and adenoids out for the second time – mine like to re-grow). And apparently even though I asked them to run labs for the Hashimoto’s antibodies, they didn’t actually do that last time.
So end result is, I don’t get to try supplemental T3 until we find out if my T3 and T4 levels are balanced or not. So I get to wait for the labs to come back before we adjust any medications. Harrumph. And I am waiting for the call from the sleep center, to schedule my test to see if I need help breathing at night. Yay. 

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