the never ending story…

Saga of the bedrooms, part one million. They are finally in bed. The tarps in the yard are gone. They each have one laundry basket’s worth of stuff that they still want to keep but have not yet figured out where to put it – I will help them with that because I am Not a heartless monster… Never mind what the kids may say!

I have to fold and store their extra clothing – these kids did remarkably well in getting rid of excess clothes. Liney actually donated more clothing than she kept! She finally decided to get rid of everything that was size 6 or smaller, and so did Walter. They now have 7 outfits, plus their Sunday clothes(I let them keep all of that, because it’s like 3 suits and 4 or 5 dresses, and they are all hung up in closets right now). They each have one bin full of clothing to go “shopping” in – every day their rooms stay nice, they can pick out a piece of clothing. I am hoping that by adding things back one at a time, they can keep their drawers organized and tidy. 

So holy stinking cow, by the skin of their teeth, they got their rooms clean like I asked them to. That was an entire weeklong ordeal, and it didn’t actually happen until I emptied their rooms out for them. I think the immensity of seeing how much junk they had amassed was overwhelming for them – I don’t think they realize how much little things can build up.

If only I knew where Liney’s missing shoes were… She is missing 4 or 5 pairs, flats/heels/sandals/boots… There are two empty shelves in her closet, one is for hoodies and one is for more shoes. I guess we will find them at neighbor kids houses…

And now, a couple photos:


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