Thyroid/weight update

So I took myself off the Synthroid, and started eating high protein, low/no sugar, natural complex carbs… And now I am at 227. One week after being 234. So almost ten pounds have come off, though I am still ridiculously bloaty feeling. My neck is still a bit swollen, too.

I really think it comes down to what an old endocrinologist told me years ago – my body just can’t convert T4 into T3 fast enough for my body to use. And when I take T4, my body stops making what little thyroid hormone it was managing to churn out…

So I need to ask my doctor about Cytomel, aka supplemental T3 – it seems. Like that is what my body really needs. And I probably do need to keep on some T4, but maybe back to the smaller dose I had been taking before. Oh, and if you’re wondering, no, Armor thyroid didn’t really seem to help at all, and in fact if I got a dose that was slightly off, I got major thyroid rages. Not fun for myself or my family. At all. And apparently the amount of T3 it has is so minimal, it didn’t make any measurable difference in my levels. So I probably need a higher dose of the T3. And I have discovered that the higher dose of T4 did eliminate my thyroid rages. It just didn’t change the weight issues (made them worse), and didn’t help a whole to with the fatigue. It does slow my hair loss down quite a bit, which I like.

Anyhow, payday is tomorrow, so I can go to the doctor next week…

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