Of course my kids are trying to ONLY do the easiest task tickets, so today they are putting off doing anything that is actually difficult. Except I am not quite sure how straightening books on a shelf is a hard task. Or how it’s super hard to throw away any garbage on the floor…. At least they get a gold star for doing SOMETHING. 

But now I have to back off on rewarding them – I was giving them 30 minutes of free time for every 3 tickets, but they haven’t been sticking to their time limits and tried to turn lunch into an hour and a half long affair, just to avoid going back to their rooms. 

My daughter is probably going to miss dance for the second time this week because she decided to bake cookies without asking me, and I refuse to clean up the mess for her. If she had asked me for permission and help, then I would gladly have helped her. But she didn’t want me to step in until there was a giant mess and impossible to stir cookie batter. I don’t even know if I can rescue these cookies…

Oh and to top it all off, they won’t leave me alone when I take five minutes to go to the toilet. Honestly? I just want to go in peace, leave me alone until I have washed my hands. Why something can ONLY be done in the very instant I leave to go to the bathroom, baffles me beyond all belief.

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