Wallet woes, thyroid troubles…

I called the hotel, no wallet. Tore the car apart and went through everything we packed on the trip, no wallet. I am pretty sure I got pick pocketed, and the only places crowded enough for that to happen was leaving Hollywood Bowl on Thursday night, or a couple of the California pit stops we made when the kids had to use the restroom. 

I am annoyed at having to replace my drivers license, debit card, and insurance cards. What really bothers me is the loss of the actual wallet itself (it was a set with my purse and Liney’s purse, the only way to get it is to purchase her mini purse again – there is one on ebay, but I don’t need the whole extra purse!). The other thing that makes me sad is all the flattened pennies I had been collecting were in my wallet, in the coin pocket. Those are a lot harder for me to replace, since I don’t jaunt off to SoCal very often.

Also, it’s time to get my thyroid tested again… I have been trying not to weigh myself since my doctor put me back on thyroid meds – last time I took them I went from 189 to 236, and got back to 200 after weaning myself off the wrong dose. Bla bla, something about my body not being good at turning T4 into useable T3, but try meds again because thyroid levels are way bad. I weighed myself, because my clothes are all getting uncomfortably tight and I feel like suffocating in my skin… 234. Badump tsss.

So this time I am going to ask for Cytomel, which is supplemental T3, and see if that helps my poor body figure out that I am not in a state of starvation or hibernation. The T4 does seem to help a little bit, but not enough, plus every time I go in to get my levels checked, they raise my dose because my body just can’t seem to get enough. And my vitamin D level is still very low, even with supplementation, and all research points to that being part of my thyroid mess, too.

Tired, cranky, sore, bloated, wallet missing… But the kids really enjoyed their trip, and it was nice to visit my sister again. So now I am done moping about what is lost, and I will spend next week getting everything replaced… Time to git ‘r done, as they say.

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