Trying to stave off a panic attack

Great. I just realized that my wallet is missing, when I tried to buy the kids a treat in Mesquite after dinner. It’s not in my purse, my backpack, my day bag, or my glove box.
I know I had it last night when I bought my train ticket, and I don’t think I got pickpocketed, because my iPad was in my bag (read it on the train), and I still have that. I didn’t set my purse down either on the train, at the Bowl, or in my sister’s car, so I highly doubt my wallet fell out of my bag (taller than it is wide cross body bag, I never took off the strap because I am paranoid!).

It’s not under the car seat, so I have no clue. It could maybe possibly be in the box in the back of the car, but we don’t have time to stop and let me scour everything for it. It could also have gotten left at the hotel, since I did set my purse down to sleep last night, it could have fallen out and slid under the bed, maybe?

This is so difficult for me, my brain is panicking and telling me to tear the car apart to find it, but Matt made me sit down and shush so that I didn’t ramp myself into a full blown panic… But this simmering anxiety is very uncomfortable, and now that I know my drivers license is missing, I don’t dare drive any more… Auuuugh! 
He is right, though. If it is buried in a box or bag in the trunk, or left in California, me getting anxious won’t change either outcome. So maybe I will just sit here and type and knit and get home as soon as possible… Then I can go through every bag as I take it out of the car. 

I need to learn to be more ¯\_(?)_/¯ and less (>o<)…

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